Pawsome Tricks Training

Teach Your Dog To Stay

Teaching your dog to stay is a necessary part of their training. This trick is very useful, especially when in outdoor situations. Teach your dog to follow to visual cue of an open palm with an accompanying vocal cue of 'stay.' Start with your dog sitting or lying down. Stand in front of him with your palm outstretched and say 'stay' in a serious tone. Use a leash to guarantee control and then back away, keeping constant eye contact with your dog. Praise him by saying 'good dog' and giving him a Beefeaters® treat if he stays until you release him. If he tries to get up before you say so, gently push his haunches back down and say 'stay.' You can gradually increase the distance you move away from your dog and the duration of the 'stay' as your dog gets better at this trick.

Step 1

Give your dog the 'stay' command with your voice and hand.

Step 2

Move a short distance away from your dog, while still holding your hand and telling your dog to stay.

Step 3

Make your dog sit by gently moving him back into the sitting

position if he tries to get up.