Pawsome Tricks Training

Teach Your Dog To Speak

Teach your dog how to bark on command with this easy to learn trick! Be sure to reward your dog only when your ask him to "speak." Never reward your dog for barking when you haven't asked him to.

Step 1

Observe what makes your dog bark - the doorbell, the mailman, clapping, etc. For now, let's use the doorbell as an example. Tell your dog to "speak" and ring the doorbell. When your dog barks, reward him with a treat. Repeat this six to eight times.

Step 2

Continue in the same training session and tell your dog to "speak" - but don't ring the doorbell. When he barks, reward.

If he doesn't bark, go back to the first step.

Step 3

Now, change locations, cue your dog to "speak" with your voice and your hand, and reward with a treat.