Pawsome Tricks Training

Teach Your Dog To Sit Pretty And Beg

This trick builds on the "sit" and "stay" commands in a fun way that will be easy for your dog to learn. Begin with your dog in a sitting position and then lure him up with a Beefeaters® treat.Your dog should be sitting on his hindquarters with his paws cured up into his chest. A straight spine is the key to his balance in this trick. With a larger dog, you should support his back by positioning your body behind him and steady his chest while you lure him up for a Beefeaters® treat.

Step 1

From a sitting position, lure your dog's head up with a treat.

Step 2

Allow your dog to take a nibble of the treat from your hand.

Step 3

As your dog's ability to balance on his hindquarters improves, you can move away and encourage him to sit pretty and cue him to beg.

Be sure to reward your dog with a tasty treat!