Pawsome Tricks Training

Teach Your Dog To Shake

Teaching your dog to shake is a fun trick that is easy to learn. Once your dog has mastered the 'sit' and 'stay' commands, you can add the 'shake'

command for a Beefeaters® treat!

Step 1

In your right hand, hide a treat and lower your hand to the ground. Encourage your dog to get it by saying 'get it' and once his paw comes off the ground, reward him with the treat.

Step 2

Raise your right hand and continue rewarding your dog as he follows. Your dog should follow with his right paw. Repeat this until his

paw is at chest height.

Step 3

Stand up and hold the treat in your left hand behind your back and reach out your right hand and say 'shake.' When you dog extends his paw,

support it with your hand.

Step 4

How your dog's paw while you reward him with a treat saying 'good dog.' Repeat these steps with your left hand to train your dog to shake with his left paw.