Pawsome Tricks Training

Teach Your Dog To Roll Over

Teaching your dog to roll over begins with them in a 'down' position. Then, your dog rolls sideways onto his or her back to complete a full rotation. Make a circle with your hand so your dog associates this trick with the hand signal. If you practice this trick between five and ten times per session, your dog will be rolling over on cue in no time!

Step 1

Begin with your dog in a down position, facing you. With a trick in hand, kneel down in front of your dog and hold the treat beside your dog's head in the opposite direction you want him to roll.

Step 2

While telling your dog to "roll over," move the treat from his nose towards his shoulder blade. Doing so should encourage your dog to roll over on his side (Note: each dog will have a more dominant side. Begin teaching this trick with the side more preferred by your dog).

Praise your dog and reward with the treat.

Step 3

When you and your dog have successfully mastered this step, continue the motion with your hand as your move the treat from your dog's shoulder blade to backbone. This should encourage him to roll onto his back and over to the other side. If you need to, help your dog finish the roll over by guiding his front legs over with your hand. Reward your dog as soon as he lands on his opposite side to reinforce the positive behavior. As your dog improves,

you can begin to use a more subtle hand gesture.