Pawsome Tricks Training

Teach Your Dog To Lie Down

Teaching your dog to 'lie down' is a very useful command and can be used in everyday situations. Your dog should follow the Beefeaters® treat with his nose and naturally come into the lying down position, but if he does not respond, you can apply some light pressure to his shoulder as you coax him down. Reward him with a Beefeaters® treat once the command has been preformed and you have given him the 'ok' to stand up. If your dog is having a hard time learning this or is slipping on your floor, teach this trick on a carpeted area or on a dog blanket.

Step 1

Hold a treat in front of your dog's nose.

Step 2

Then bring the treat down to the floor and your dog will follow.

Step 3

Move the treat away from yourself and towards your dog.

Step 4

Give your dog the treat when he lies down.

Step 5

Lightly press your dog's shoulder down to reinforce the command. Have your dog stay in the lying down position until you say it is 'ok' for him to get up.