Beefeaters Quality Control

At Beefeaters® safety is the utmost of priorities. Your pet’s health and happiness are our top concern. That’s why we follow strict quality control guidelines while making your dog's favorite treats and chews,

both in terms of the ingredients used and the manufacturing process itself.



Under the regular guidance of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and our Beefeaters® inspectors, all products are processed in sterile conditions.

Monitoring ingredient traceability and sanitation procedures are undertaken throughout all manufacturing steps. We also follow a strict production identification control procedure. Upon arrival at our storage warehouses, raw food products are uniformly marked for precise trace ability. Each batch lot is monitored through production and packing to prevent contamination and ensure timely deliveries.

Hygiene is critically important. All factory workers undergo regular health examinations. Workers are not allowed long beards, long nails, cosmetics or jewelry. They are checked daily for the proper clothing, including a hair net, outer cap that covers the ears and hair, sterilized gowns and a full face mask. Workers must undergo proper hand washing, air showers and sterilization procedures before entering and after leaving the factory.

Quality sanitation inspectors check the dressing rooms, restrooms and entrances to ensure this standard of cleanliness is observed at all times. All employees at our factories have received Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) training and are monitored to ensure compliance to these foremost standards.

Beefeaters® continues to strive for improvements with the latest laboratory testing of ingredients, processes and quality control methods. We test for any contaminants as well as other substances that might arise during the manufacturing process.


Starting with natural ingredients, including chicken fillets, pork hide and wholesome sweet potatoes, our oven-baked process ensures that our treats are as healthy for your dog as they are fun to eat.
All raw ingredients are inspected before storing and refrigeration as well as after packing, with separate examinations for any impurities.
Beefeaters® dog treats have minimal quantities of additives, artificial colors or preservatives and use pharmaceutical grade glycerin.