Pawsome Tricks Training

Teach Your Dog To Sit

November 28, 2018

Teach your dog the basic 'sit trick' by repeating the steps below. Reward him with a great Beefeaters® treat for getting it right...

Go To Your Crate

November 28, 2018

A crate provides a den for your dog and make him feel safe. Add a blanket or a cover to the crate to make it more cozy and comfortable. Use Beefeaters® treats and praise to…

Teach Your Dog To Fetch

November 28, 2018

Training your dog to fetch builds on first teaching "take it" and "drop it." Be sure to reward your dog with a tasty Beefeaters® treat! We'd love to see your dog performing their best…

Teach Your Dog To Roll Over

November 28, 2018

Teaching your dog to roll over begins with them in a 'down' position. Then, your dog rolls sideways onto his or her back to complete a full rotation. Make a circle with your hand…

Teach Your Dog To Get The Leash

November 28, 2018

Train your dog to get his leash on his own for the next time you two go for a walk together with this easy to learn trick...

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