About Us

Beefeaters® products are made with the finest ingredients, without additives or preservatives

and all are oven-baked to seal in flavor.


Our mission statement is simple: We make dog’s tails wag!

Dogs are our inspiration to constantly produce high quality products, using only the best ingredients. We know that a happy dog is a healthy dog and strive to produce a treat that not only tastes great, but is wholesome as well.

Beefeaters® has been making dog food treats for over 30 years. We have a reputation for providing quality dog treats to complement any breed's well-balanced diet. Dogs love our variety of tasty treats!

A Brief History of Beefeaters®

1986: Beefeaters® enters the market with a full line of dog, cat, bird and small animal products. It is the first company to introduce flavored rawhide.
1988: Expansion of the rawhide product line is driven by new product innovation, including a full line of freeze-dried treats.
1992: The Beefeaters® Cuisine line is eleven flavors strong.
1994: Seven new rawhide flavors are introduced.
1996: Introduction of a revolutionary new process to create a non-staining rawhide.
1998: Introduction of American Beefhide.
2000: Beefeaters® is the Number One full line provider of rawhide. Natural, pig hide treats are introduced.
2002: First to market a patented new pig-hide item.
2004: First to market with natural treats like yogurt and granola.
2006: Dozens of formulations, shapes and sizes of natural treats and chews are introduced.
2007: Honored as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the pet industry.
2008: Introduction of sweet potato fries and chicken wraps.
2016: Transnational Supply acquires Beefeaters® brands rights worldwide.

2019: Beefeaters Introduces Cat Treat Line


We have been making dogs happy since 1986 by providing innovative products with a focus on taste, health, nutrition and naturally sourced ingredients.